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Set your company apart with unique employee benefits.

Employee benefits should be personal, nourishing, and help your people thrive. That’s why, at Blueboard, we focus on experiences. Experience-based recognition sets you apart with a proven and psychologically backed tool that supports your people, builds culture, and gets results.

Luxury glamping getaway experienceGet scuba certified experienceSwing through 18 holes experienceStaycation experienceGo kayaking experiencePro fan experienceSee Yosemite National Park experiencePersonal massage experience

Your employee’s new favorite program.

Recognition powered by Blueboard is the benefit your people need because it's:

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A boundless benefit.

Recognition isn't just a perk. Done right, it's a strategic employee benefit that offers a clear path to a more fulfilled and engaged workforce. With Blueboard, you can elevate this benefit even further and show your people you understand what's most important to them with personalized, experiential rewards.

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An easy-to-personalize benefit.

With Blueboard, you are just seconds away from recognizing and rewarding great work—no matter where your employees are based or their personal preferences. Experiential recognition is the benefit that brings joy to every employee.

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A benefit employees will talk about.

Blueboard experiences are quite simply loud. Nobody brags about the details of their dental coverage or 401k plan. But people share with friends and families when they receive a reward like a personal experience. Whether it’s word-of-mouth, on social media platforms, or within company communication channels, employees love talking about Blueboard.

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A comprehensive benefit.

The top-performing organizations are offering benefits that improve employees’ overall lifestyles. Gone are the days when a health, dental, and vision plan checks all the marks. Blueboard's experiential rewards are the holistic benefit offering that meets the needs of your employees outside of work.

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“I was talking to vendors who had more traditional service award programs; where you get a plaque, a pen or something you would pick from a catalog, but it really didn’t fit our culture. When I think about the benefits packages we can offer, I want to be competitive, but I also want to be uniquely competitive. We’re an innovative company, and everything we do needs to be innovative.”
Michele A.
Vice President, Human Resources

Elevate your benefits package with Blueboard's meaningful recognition.

Experiential recognition is the ultimate investment in your employees benefits package. Start generating excitement and engagement around recognition.

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