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experiential recognition

Set your company culture apart with a new kind of employee recognition.

With Blueboard, you can recognize and reward your people with their choice of a curated experience. An experience that makes them go, “wow”.

OUR Platform

With Blueboard's experiential rewards platform, you can:


Show your people that they’re seen and valued.

From onboarding gifts to employee anniversaries to spot rewards, Blueboard allows you to recognize and reward employees in the ways that make most sense for your company.

Whatever the occasion, your people get to choose the experience that fits their needs, desires, and lifestyles; that level of personalization shows that you care about who they are and what they value.

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Value Awards

“Blueboard is a terrific fit for our mission and values. We are aligned in our mission to allow employees to live their best lives, unlocking new opportunities that push their limits, enabling them to have experiences that they might otherwise not have access to."

Tim Betry
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Anniversary Awards

"Your employees will get so much more out of Blueboard because they'll create lasting, positive memories from their experience, versus sending them a three-year pin, a cash bonus, or reward from a catalog that nobody wants.“

Christine Wilson
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Spot Recognition

“The spot recognition program has been a special way for us to make people feel appreciated when they go the extra mile— it helps encourage the behavior we want to see among our employees to help us build a more vibrant, connected culture.”

Jess Wagner



Agree that Blueboard makes me feel appreciated.



Feel motivated to perform at a higher level.



Believe that Blueboard positively impacts company culture.



Think that Blueboard is an important tool for retaining top talent.
Average feedback scores from employees who receive a Blueboard experiential reward.


Foster employee loyalty through meaningful recognition.

Employees who receive a Blueboard reward rate their experiences as highly memorable and often life-changing. And unlike stuff or cash, experiences get more valuable over time in our memories. Which means those strong positive feelings stick, fostering employee loyalty.


Attract and retain top employees with a culture of appreciation.

Experiences are shareable by nature. Employees who receive a Blueboard reward often post about their experiences on social media. This social storytelling builds your hiring brand and embeds appreciation into your company culture.

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Now, prospective employees can see how much you value your current team in concrete, active ways directly from current employees’ real-world experiences.

And when employees share their experiences with coworkers, they offer a glimpse into who they are. This deepens the connections between your people and helps everyone feel a greater sense of belonging.

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Easily deliver personalized rewards to employees around the world.

We know HR and People professionals are balancing a zillion priorities. That’s why we built Blueboard to be super easy to use. Anyone can send employee rewards in 3 easy steps:


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.

Using our platform, you can send an experiential reward to any employee’s inbox in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose their favorite experience.

That employee gets to browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

Our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning. Your employee just has to show up.

Have a global team? No problem.
We offer experiential rewards all over the world.


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Build a workplace employees won't want to leave with Blueboard.

This is the modern approach to recognition that employees and leaders have been asking for. Start generating excitement and engagement around recognition.

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