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The secret to
more motivated employees? Better recognition.

Want more motivated employees? There’s a proven recipe. Start embracing the habit of acknowledging and recognizing employees for their contributions.

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But if you want to have a real impact, how you recognize and reward your people is what matters. With Blueboard, you get a people-centric and holistic approach to recognition proven to boost employee motivation and positive sentiment.

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Employee motivation is mission-critical right now.

Business gaps can be tied directly back to low motivation and morale. Just one actively disengaged employee can cost you $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary. The good news is that you can use employee recognition to address and increase engagement across the entire business immediately.

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Blueboard clients have seen engagement increase because of more effective recognition, driving higher productivity scores, lower absenteeism, and lower turnover.

$7.8 trillion

Disengaged employees cost $7.8 trillion globally in lost productivity.

Gallup. (2022). The World’s $7.8 Trillion Workplace Problem.


of employees would feel more motivated by recognition.

 Novak, D. (2016, May). Recognizing Employees Is the Simplest Way to Improve Morale.

3 in 4 workers

would be more productive if they received more recognition.

 Gallup. (2023). From praise to profits: The business case for recognition at work.


Recognition that checks all the boxes.

With Blueboard, your rewarded employees get to choose a hand-curated experience that fits their interests, comfort zones, and lifestyle. Experiential rewards have a greater impact on motivation because they are meaningful, personal, and memorable.

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Recognition that supports each person’s motivators.

To get results from your recognition efforts, you need programs that align with the behaviors you need to drive and rewards that complement how individual employees are motivated.

With our expertise and experience-based rewards, Blueboard is an ideal partner to help you design recognition that ignites every individual's unique set of motivators.


Employees get to choose their ideal reward.

When people get to choose what's most meaningful, it takes the guesswork out of finding the best way to recognize each individual. What one employee finds interesting won't appeal to everyone.

Avoid the "one reward to rule them all" let-down by partnering with Blueboard and empowering employees to decide how they'd most like to be rewarded.

Blueboard's Choose App Platform screenshot
Blueboard's Choose App Platform screenshot


Capture the impact of recognition.

At Blueboard, we offer a post-experience survey to every rewarded employee to measure how their experience increased engagement. We're proud to report that 96% of employees feel more motivated to perform at a higher level after they go #blueboarding.

The best part? Experiences become memories that gain value over time, keeping that positive sentiment alive as employees share their stories.


Reward your people with what matters most.

Blueboard experiential rewards are hand-curated and specially crafted experiences that allow recipients to spend time enjoying a passion, connecting with loved ones, or trying something new. What can be more motivating than that?

Cooking Class Experience TileCocktail Crafting Kit Experience TileFavorite Fitness Experience TileFamily Fun Day Experience TileSwing through 18 holes experienceStaycation experienceIndulge in a Spa Day Experience TileAnimal Hour Experience Tile


Easily deliver personalized rewards to employees around the world.

We know HR and People professionals are balancing a zillion priorities. That’s why we built Blueboard to be super easy to use. Anyone can send employee rewards in 3 easy steps:


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.

Using our platform, you can send an experiential reward to any employee’s inbox in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose their favorite experience.

That employee gets to browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

Our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning. Your employee just has to show up.

Have a global team? No problem.
We offer experiential rewards all over the world.


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