Maximize employee engagement and productivity with experiential rewards.

Are your employee recognition efforts driving long-lasting impact on your people and your business bottom line? The truth is, most employee rewards are wasted spend. Blueboard is out to change all that with our proven methodology, easy-to-use platform and unique experiences-based approach.

The platform of choice for the world's most loved employers:
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A better way

Experiences > Things.

Most employee recognition doesn’t make people feel appreciated. Only 27% of employees feel valued when they receive traditional rewards like gift cards, cash, or catalog items. These options fall short because they are transactional, outdated, and fail to drive long-lasting impact on your people or bottom line.

Blueboard directly addresses these problems. Our rewards are personal, memorable, and shareable. And the numbers, they speak for themselves:

3x ROI

Blueboard clients have calculated a ~3x ROI from admin savings and increased productivity levels.
Blueboard (2023). Know your recognition ROI., p=14

5x retention

Employees who receive experiential rewards are 5x more likely to stay with their company.
IRF (2019-2020). Industry Outlook for 2020: Merchandise, Gift Card, and Experiential Gift Programs.



Said experiences were more memorable than cash rewards.



Feel motivated to perform at a higher level.



Believe that Blueboard positively impacts company culture.



Think that Blueboard is an important tool for retaining top talent.
Average feedback scores from employees who receive a Blueboard experiential reward.


Sample Blueboard experiences include:


What company leaders say about Blueboard:

Blueboard is a terrific fit for our mission and values. We are aligned in our mission to allow employees to live their best lives, unlocking new opportunities that push their limits, enabling them to have experiences that they might otherwise not have access to.

Tim Betry
Vice President, People & Places
Blueboard program: Values Awards

The other options we looked at were outdated and very old school - focused on "points" and monetary rewards to cash in for a blender. Where with Blueboard, our people can choose a memorable experience they will never forget and get to share with loved ones. Very easy decision, the competition in this space doesn't compare.

Courtney Schneider
Senior Director, Experience & Development
Blueboard program: Peer Nomination

Your employees will get so much more out of Blueboard because they'll create lasting, positive memories from their experience, versus sending them a three-year pin, a cash bonus, or reward from a catalog that nobody wants.

Christine Wilson
Head of Human Resources
Blueboard program: Anniversary Awards

The spot recognition program has been a special way for us to make people feel appreciated when they go the extra mile— it helps encourage the behavior we want to see among our employees to help us build a more vibrant, connected culture.

Jess Wagner
Global Talent Management
Blueboard program: Spot Recognition

How it works

Easily deliver personalized rewards to employees around the world.

We know leaders are balancing a zillion priorities. That’s why we built Blueboard to be intuitive and straightforward to use. Anyone can send employee rewards in 3 easy steps:


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.

Using our platform, you can send an experiential reward to any employee’s inbox in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose their favorite experience.

That employee gets to browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

Our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning. Your employee just has to show up.

Have a global team? No problem.
We offer experiential rewards all over the world.


Global countries served





case studies

Three companies using Blueboard to get recognition right.

With a track record of running hundreds of successful programs across different industries and company sizes, we’ll deliver you a world-class recognition program. Between our dedicated concierge, research, curation, support, and care teams, you’ll have the resources to help you every step of the way. Take a look at three of our favorite client success stories that are delivering dramatic results:

Celebrate employee anniversaries with the gift of quality time.

  • When TTD employees hit anniversary milestones, they are automatically sent a Blueboard reward to enjoy with their loved ones.

  • TTD also sends employees Blueboard rewards for above-and-beyond contributions and authentic displays of their company values.

How GoPro Celebrates Culture Champions.

Internally named "The Legends Program," GoPro People Managers can request and send rewards to employees for embodying one of their company values—Obsessively Serve, Stay Agile, Be a Hero, Harness the Power of Wow, and Make Friends.

How Shake Shack prioritizes inclusivity through recognition.

  • Shake Shack uses Blueboard's experiential rewards platform to provide inclusive, equitable, and shareable awards to every employee across their 250 locations, from their CEO to line cooks.

  • All employees are sent a  Blueboard reward on their 5-, 10-, and 15-year work anniversaries.


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Experiences have side effects that linger beyond a momentary brain high and can actually improve our well-being.

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Know your recognition ROI.

Borrow our calculator and estimate the ROI you'll earn from meaningful employee recognition programs.

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Employee appreciation linked to higher engagement.

New research from Wakefield Research and Blueboard shows employee appreciation is linked to higher engagement and feelings of job security.

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