Crush your targets with experience-based incentives.

Doing the same old thing isn't going to drive new results. If you want record revenue, you have to focus on the behaviors behind the numbers. And driving desired behaviors comes down to how you incentivize those behaviors.

Introducing Blueboard, a cutting-edge approach to sales incentives and rep motivation.

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With our global marketplace of experiential rewards, you can incentivize salespeople on their terms, at scale. They get rewards that give them more of what they want: Choice, flexibility, and quality time with the people they love. And you get a more motivated team, from top to bottom—without any administrative hassle. 

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The platform of choice for top performing sales teams.
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Sales teams using Blueboard have averaged 18% YoY growth in new revenue.

Three times
Experiential rewards are three times more cost-effective than other reward options.
95 percent
Of Blueboard recipients feel motivated to perform at a higher level.
4.8 out of 5 stars
Recipients rate their Blueboard experiences 4.8 out of 5 stars on average.


Rewards for the rep that has everything.

Sales professionals have high expectations for their incentives when they hit or exceed their sales goals. Blueboard’s tailored experiences meet those expectations and provide the motivation to keep going. Unlike traditional options, our rewards are memorable and impactful, creating lasting memories and resonating impact.

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Celebrate performance. Motivate your entire team.

Based on your key goals, we’ll help define the behaviors behind those metrics, diagnose the best program to drive those efforts, and design and launch a results-driving incentive program. From SPIFFS, to Quarterly Incentives, or an annual President’s Club, you can run your entire suite of incentive programs through Blueboard.

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With our curated, tiered experiential rewards, you’ll easily engage every level of performer along the way, from low to top. And do it with fewer headaches, fewer seller complaints, and more time to do what you do best—grow your business.

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Mitigate your risk with an individualized, flexible club.

From potential shutdowns, weather, and workforce changes - down to the different preferences of your reps - planning your own President’s Club trip is full of unknowns. With Blueboard, you can say goodbye to all the uncertainty and logistics.

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By partnering with us, you can eliminate cost risk because you won't need to book anything upfront. We’ll plan, budget, and design your President’s Club program, lifting the administrative burden off your plate. When you announce winners, they can quickly browse, choose, and start booking their favorite experience from our global, hand-curated menu. If they need more time, all good. Our rewards never expire.

President's Club reimagined


Build more effective sales incentive programs.

With our curated experiences and an incentive app that allows reps to choose a reward to work towards, you’ll have everything you need to motivate participants to reach their targets.

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Reward SDRs who crush the most cold calls, AEs closing deals for your hot, new product feature, or the channel partner who refers you the most business. We’ll help you determine the most relevant reward-worthy behaviors, program cadence, and choose from our various reward levels—starting at $150 per reward.

Powered by our Choose App
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Easily motivate meaningful results with your sales reps around the world.


Build anticipation.

Reps choose a bucket-list experience to work towards at the start of your program. The anticipation starts building here.


Easily send.

Activate and reward your rockstar program winners’ with the experiences of their choice with the click of a button.


Experience benefits.

Dedicated Concierge handles all the logistics and planning so your reps can enjoy their ideal experience with ease.


See the ROI and results of Blueboard experiences.

Blueboard experiences have 4x more impact on the employee experience than other types of rewards, like cash or gift cards. They're novel and always-fresh, helping you ignite short-term performance while driving long-term motivation. Our toolkit and ROI calculator demonstrates the exponential returns possible through a compelling incentive offering like Blueboard.

Know your recognition ROI.

Borrow our calculator and estimate the ROI you'll earn from meaningful employee recognition programs.

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Sales Incentives Planning Guide.

Get the guide to creating sales incentive programs that build real excitement and motivation towards your increasing revenue goals.

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