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See why Vista companies use Blueboard to offer a VIP Club at half the cost.

Skip the months of planning and hefty group trip price tag with Blueboard’s personalized President’s Club rewards. With Blueboard, you can reward and retain your top sales talent while drastically cutting costs and reducing your administrative load.

The best part? Unlike replacing your group Club with cash or RSUs, our personalized experiences mean you get to keep Club feeling like Club: VIP, luxurious, something worth working for.

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3 key benefits of Blueboard’s personalized President’s Club.

Blueboard makes three guarantees for sales leaders that use our Club: predictable budgets, VIP experiences that motivate and retain top reps, and no-hassle planning, giving you extra time to do what’s important—grow your business. 

Xactly cut President’s Club spend by over 50% with Blueboard.

Chris Cabrera, former Xactly CEO, partnered with Blueboard to reward top Xactly performers with individualized Club trips and saved over 50% for his business.


Reward top reps with bucket-list experiences on their terms.

Your top sellers hustle all year to make Club and they expect to be wow’ed by their reward. A group trip is one-size-fits-all by design but the best incentives are custom to each reps’ preferences and circumstances. With Blueboard, your highest performers get to choose the experience of their dreams: No hassle, just memories.


We’ll work with you to reimagine your Club sales program based on your needs.

Whether your CFO is asking tough questions about last year’s group trip or you’re thinking about the realities of your team demographics and preferences, our experts will work with you to design a President’s Club program that meets your highest priority needs.  

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You’ve struggled with opt-outs, cancellations, and reps out of the field for too long.

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No matter how appealing your group Club trip, there will always be folks who just can’t make it or who drop out last minute—because life happens. And the reps who can’t attend? They still expect to be rewarded for their hard work. On the flip side, some sellers will want to extend their trip if you’re heading to a primo destination, which can mean your best salespeople out of the field for weeks at the same time. These unpredictable costs add up fast. If fiscal responsibility is a priority, individualized incentive trips may be a better bet.

Team demographics and location make your group Club hard to manage.

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Group Club trips offer valuable relationship building but they are one-size-fits-all by design. Instead of getting to choose when, where, and what they do on the trip, winners usually have to follow a set vacation plan with little room for personal excursions or interests. Age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and location may impact how much your sellers enjoy a group trip (or whether they can even attend). If your primary goal is to reward top reps, a personalized President’s Club may be the better route

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